Since 2001, Melanie Keller has been a highly sought-after flute instructor.  Former students have been accepted to Honor Bands and have received high marks in Solo & Ensemble Festivals.  Ms. Keller is currently accepting students in her new home studio located in Southeast Boise.

Ms. Keller places a strong emphasis on ensuring her students have a solid rhythmic, theory and eartraining foundation, beautiful tone, and fluid technique.  She also works diligently with her students to ensure that they are feeling comfortable and relaxed for any performance situation.  She is happy to work with students of all levels and ages, including those students wishing to prepare for auditions/competitions.  Ms. Keller believes that a life-long enjoyment of music can begin through nurturing, careful instruction and tailors her instruction for each student, ensuring that the student receives the best training possible for future success. Ms. Keller believes the skills and detail-oriented work required of music students can be applied to many areas of the student’s life, and not only to music-related events/performances.

Ms. Keller recommends 30 min. (0-2 yrs experience) lessons for beginners, 45 min. (3-4 yrs experience) lessons for intermediate players and 60 min. (5+ yrs exp) lessons for more advanced players.

I learned so much about tone, rhythm, and playing with feeling. Melanie helped me become a much better musician!——–Allie

My son started flute lessons with Melanie a few years ago. She inspired him in a way that we still see today. He loves playing. He’s confident and has made great progress. I highly recommend Melanie. ——Sherri

Melanie is a fantastic teacher. I came to her with many years of music experience. She kept me challenged and really helped develop as a flute player. —- Katy

My daughter took lessons from Melanie for at least 3 – 4 years. Melanie herself is a wonderful flautist and often played with my daughter. Melanie had high standards for playing – delivered with warmth, praise and correction. My daughter played from age 7 to 17 and was accepted into the training program at the San Francisco academy of music for her high school flute training. Melanie was a key part of that process. Thank you Melanie.      ———-Susan

Helpful Documents for all students:

Melanie Keller Flute Lessons in SE Boise flyer

Smart Practicing Document

Melanie Keller- flute studio policies

Top Ten Secrets of Great Flute Playing

Contact Ms. Keller using the “contact” link above.  Looking forward to meeting you!